Humana's Transcend Insights launches suite of digital population health management tools

By Aditi Pai
01:35 pm

Population health company Transcend Insights, a health tech subsidiary of Humana, has launched three digital tools to help health organizations transition patients from episodic care to proactive care. In addition to this announcement, Transcend Insights announced that its first pilot customer, Hardin Memorial Health.

“Our vision for population wellness is to disrupt the ‘sick-care cycle’ that represents the majority of health care delivered today,” Transcend Insights President Marc Willard said in a statement. “In most contexts, population health refers to managing care for the sick patient – wellness is not a part of the equation. We see this as a vastly untapped opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives and their health.”

One of the tools that Transcend Insights launched, a desktop program called HealthLogix Populations, allows health systems to measure and evaluate the performance across a care community. The offering includes data visualization that allow providers to identify where they can improve health outcomes. Another offering, a tablet and web-based product called HealthLogix Care, provides a patient’s care team with a view of a patient’s clinical, claims, and wellness data. 

For its third offering, Transcend Insights teamed up with Austin, Texas-based digital care plan delivery company Filament Labs, which does business as Patient IO, to develop a smartphone-based patient engagement offering, called MyHealthLogix. Care teams can use the app to assign patients a care plan and send patients secure messages. Patients are able to use the app to track their progress, access educational information, and manage medications.

“By addressing health and wellness with our HealthLogix platform, and by connecting disparate systems with open standards, we will make it easier for care teams to do their jobs and deliver a better care experience,” Willard said.

Humana itself has partnered with quite a few digital health-focused companies in the last year.

In January, Humana announced that it planned to join Propeller Health's Air Louisville public-private partnership. The project, launched in March 2015 in collaboration with the City of Louisville and funded by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant, aims to connect sensors to 2,000 asthma inhalers and share that data, in aggregate, with city officials so it can be used to improve public health.

Last year, in November, Omada Health, the digital health company that's created a remote, digital version of the Diabetes Prevention Program, released data from a cohort of 500 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, who had access to Omaha Health via Humana.

And earlier, in September, Humana partnered with Kurbo Health, which offers a mobile-enabled program aimed at preventing childhood obesity, to offer its employer customers the option to add a 12-month subscription of Kurbo Health as a wellness benefit for their employees.


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