Insightin launches AI powered, patient-facing healthcare decision app

By Dave Muoio
02:43 pm

Patients deciding the next step of their care may soon be doing so with the help of an AI on their phone. Today, Insightin Health — a Gaithersburg, Maryland-based company that develops a data-based clinical decision-making platform — announced that it has launched a consumer-facing version of its machine learning-based service, which presents all of a user's health data and future options via a text-based chatbot.

The In360 app will offer users real-time access to streamlined data collection and personal decision-making tools. The platform incorporates users’ behavioral trends to make predictive recommendations and gauge care options, while presenting the information in a straightforward way that Insightin CEO and founder Enam Noor says provides an edge over competing services.

“There are many good consumer facing apps out there that are great, but as a consumer I may need several of these to manage my care, and they are likely unconnected,” Noor told MobiHealthNews. “Our user friendliness comes from our simple, intuitive design, and simple user interface.”

More specifically, the app condenses several aspects of paying for and receiving care in a way that is easy to understand, and then begins planning the next best option in a way that reflects the user’s tendencies.

“When a patient visits a doctor, pays a bill, schedules a preventative screening, claims a reward, or provides a quality rating, In360 gathers [information], connects the data, and provides the consumer with the next steps along their path to wellness,” Noor said. “The way people interface with their health insurer, doctor, or wider care team is changing, and we offer a multi-channel experience that is preference driven, and that alone makes the consumer more apt to engage because they are in control.”

In360 is available to consumers through an app or web browser, and Noor says that the app will eventually allow users to voice chat with the AI bot. The app is fully integrated with Insightin Health’s larger platform, which is marketed to health plans as a means to examine member acquisition, retention, engagement, and competitive analysis. In360 is the first of several consumer-facing features that will be launched as part of Insightin’s platform.

“The overarching goal we are solving is to empower the [consumers] to be healthier by engaging in preventative care with knowledge,” Noor said. “Healthier outcome for the member is a win-win for both the member and health plan.”


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