InTouch Health's health system partnerships and more digital health deals

By Dave Muoio
03:57 pm

Telehealth platform InTouch Health, North Carolina-based Mission Health, and Pennsylvania-based Jefferson Health have announced a partnership to collaborate on new telehealth solutions to improve care and reduce costs. While each system has previously worked with the platform in the past, this five-year arrangement will see a collaborative team from the three groups working to create and test virtual care models across 10 use cases.

“InTouch Health is thrilled to work with Mission Health and Jefferson Health — two leading healthcare institutions — to further advance the capabilities of telehealth to improve health systems' ability to virtualize the delivery of care," Joseph M. DeVivo, InTouch Health’s CEO, said in a statement. "We look forward to discovering new ways telehealth can help innovate healthcare to drive efficiencies that will improve quality of care and increase both patient and physician satisfaction.”

MediBioSense, distributor of the wearable VitalPatch biosensor, has entered a partnership with security firm Blue Cedar. The later will employ its patented technology to better protect the VitalPatch mobile and tablet app, which transfers patient data via the cloud.

“Mobile apps and cutting-edge technology are a game-changing combination in healthcare, helping to improve lives and meet the increasingly stringent demands placed on modern healthcare services,” MediBioSense CEO Simon Beniston said in a statement. “But ultimately, these apps are only as effective as their level of security—especially with GDPR on the horizon—so we are partnering with mobile app security innovator Blue Cedar to ensure that patients’ data is secured at all times and that their privacy needs are met consistently.”

St. Vincent’s Health Australia will be expanding its adoption of Vocera Communications' clinical communication products by bringing the Vocera hands-free comunication badge and smartphone application to its facilities, according to a statement from Vocera. The companies said that these tools were chosen to replace the hospital’s existing paging system as they enable more patient context in messages.

“Implementing the Vocera technology at our facilities was a logical decision for us, as so many activities and so much of our employees’ work require their hands to be free when caring for our residents,” John Leahy, CEO of St Vincent’s Care Services, said in a statement. “Vocera allows our staff to talk to one another, broadcast messages and communicate key information, regardless of where they are located on site.”

Through a collaboration with telemedicine company SnapMD, Valley’s Snyder Center for Comprehensive Atrial Fibrillation will now offer online consultations. These visits will be designed for prospective patients living in New Jersey and New York interested in learning more about the center’s AFib treatment model.

“Our team believes in the total patient management approach,” Dr. Suneet Mittal, directer of the center, said in a statement. “We work with patients to ensure they are getting the best available treatment for their atrial fibrillation, while also addressing other contributing health issues such as stress, hypertension, sleep apnea and obesity.”

PeakMed, a company that seeks to provide affordable family practice medicine through a monthly membership model and technology-fueled care centers, announced that one of its newly expanded centers will be partnering with AllHealth Network. Alongside the collaboration, which provides integrated behavioral health appointments, the provider is also expanding its centers and adopting new digital services such as drchrono and CirrusMD.

“Our goal is to deliver true innovation by vertically integrating our medical services and utilizing the best technology solutions available, while completely removing ourselves from conveyor-belt medicine,” Jon Hernandez, CEO of PeakMed, said in a statement. “PeakMed’s expansion on mental health services as well as the addition of new physical locations are the result of our members’ excitement and belief in what we are doing to change the way health and care are being delivered in Colorado.” 


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