Jeff Lagasse

By Jeff Lagasse 02:25 pmSeptember 26, 2019
Mednition, makers of machine learning-powered solutions for healthcare, announced Wednesday that the company has raised $10 million in a Series A round of funding led by healthcare private equity firm Concord Health Partners. Concord tapped its American Hospital Association Innovation Fund for the financing. WHAT THEY DO Burlingame, California-based Mednition was founded in 2014 to help...
By Jeff Lagasse 05:02 pmDecember 4, 2018
Blockchain technology is becoming more widespread, and early adopters will be in the best position to take advantage of its potential.
By Jeff Lagasse 07:00 amSeptember 24, 2018
The core of a dashboard is information as systems track the development and efficacy of innovation projects.
By Jeff Lagasse 09:00 amSeptember 21, 2018
Increasingly, health leaders are recognizing the need to utilize one or more approaches to the multifaceted problem.
FitApp Display

Credit: FitBit

By Jeff Lagasse 10:13 amSeptember 19, 2018
Fitbit on Wednesday announced Fitbit Care. Born directly from its acquisition of Twine Health earlier this year, Fitbit Care is a connected health platform for health plans, employers, and health systems. Utilizing Fitbit’s wearable devices, Fitbit Care combined health coaching and virtual care to help improve disease management and prevention by leveraging Twine’s health coaching services. “We’...
Consumerism tips for healthcare
By Jeff Lagasse 12:32 pmJuly 19, 2018
Healthcare organizations aren't making significant strides in adapting to consumerism, even despite increasing demand, competition for patient loyalty and plenty of lip service to the idea.  That's true across the range of hospitals, payers and pharmaceutical companies, according to new research by branding and marketing consultancy specialist Prophet. Along with identifying the problem, Prophet...
doctor dictates for medical transcription automation tools
By Jeff Lagasse 02:48 pmJuly 18, 2018
Medical transcription tools have long been legacy products but as vendors inject modern technologies, notably automation and voice recognition, new data suggests that hospitals are going to deploy more of these products and services amid broader digital transformation work. Medical transcription is the process by which doctors and healthcare professionals process health records, which are then...