Jeff Lagasse

By Jeff Lagasse 02:45 pmNovember 25, 2019
Employee engagement is a vital part in determining the success of a company's wellness program, and there are four trends to look for next year.
Doctor talking to patient clutching her stomach
By Jeff Lagasse 11:59 amNovember 22, 2019
Most parents believe they have the resources to raise healthy children, but significant hurdles can pose a persistent challenge.
By Jeff Lagasse 05:28 pmNovember 21, 2019
Patients treated at NCI-designated cancer centers were 10% more likely to be given these drugs than were patients treated in other settings.
Doctor examining child.
By Jeff Lagasse 04:08 pmNovember 8, 2019
There's a potentially large impact school-based telehealth programs can have on children with chronic illnesses.
patient with tablet
By Jeff Lagasse 06:07 amNovember 5, 2019
A robust web presence and offerings like online scheduling and telehealth are imperatives for health systems looking to stay relevant.