John Brownstein, Jennifer Lannon, and Sarah Lindenauer

JOHN BROWNSTEIN, PhD, is the Chief Innovation Officer of Boston Children’s Hospital and Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School. He directs the Computational Epidemiology Lab and the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator, both at Boston Children’s. Dr. Brownstein is also Uber’s healthcare advisor and co-founder of Circulation.

JENNIFER LANNON is the Health Innovation Lead for dotHealth, the official registry of .health domain names. She is also a Director of the Miami chapter of Health 2.0, and an Advisor to the Boston Children's Hospital Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator.

SARAH LINDENAUER is the Accelerator & Portfolio Manager at Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator, where she is focused on accelerating digital health technologies through the development pipeline from inception through commercialization.


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