Launchpad Digital Health adds six startups to its accelerator program

By Heather Mack
12:35 pm

San Francisco-based accelerator Launchpad Digital Health has added six new companies to its 12-month program.

Companies accepted into the accelerator program receive three things: up to $500,000 in capital; a full, one year-long program co-located with the Launchpad Digital Health founders and other startups in the space; and weekly ongoing engagement with the accelerator’s network of founders, partners and mentors.

One company remains undisclosed, but here are the other five:

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SoberGrid is a mobile-based social network platform that connects individuals who are sober and in recovery and have completed or are actively enrolled in addiction rehabilitation. According to sobriety support blog The Fix, SoberGrid’s founder Beau Mann had the idea for the app when he was newly on the wagon. At a film festival, surrounded by cocktail parties, Mann tried (largely unsuccessfully) to find sober people to hang out with, and the idea for the app was born.

Moving Analytics works with providers to limit relapse and readmission of patients post-cardiac surgery. The company's offering builds on an existing program from Stanford for chronic condition management, called MULTIFIT, which was originally developed by Stanford Cardiologist Dr. Robert DeBusk. Among other things, the company moves this program to the home to improve compliance.  

Hint Health, offers SaaS operation management for providers focused on value-based care, from concierge medical practices to clinics, and provides payment processing for businesses.

Lab Sensor Solutions offers data analytics and sensors for tracking and analyzing laboratory samples that require close monitoring, temperature control and location and timing tracking.

WellBrain is a meditation platform for pain management, aimed at reducing the need for opioids such as Oxycontin and other addictive prescription pain drugs.

Launchpad will host the companies accepted into the accelerator at the Hatch Today, its office located in the SOMA district of San Francisco, which is a fast-growing tech hub. The office is ripe for collaboration – it’s co-located alongside 60 other startups.


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