Looking to startups for the future of health

From at-home STD testing kits to behavioral health platforms, this year’s HIMSS Pitch Competition came from a variety of fields.
By Laura Lovett
03:50 pm

Innovation is one of those buzzwords that float around conference halls and boardrooms. But startup competitions are one place where the lay person can get a peek into new technologies as they emerge.

Now in its thirteenth year running, the HIMSS Pitch Competition featured seven startups described as “Series A ready.” This year, the contestants ranged from a digital health company focused on helping patients with irritable bowel disorder manage their conditions to mail order test kits for people to get checked for STDs.

This year Neuroflow, a digital behavioral health cloud-based platform, and BeCareLink, a startup focused on helping patients monitor multiple sclerosis through artificial intelligence, were named the winners.

The full list of competitors below:

myLab Box offers a mail order STD testing kit. Using the platform, customers are able to order one of the test kits. When the kit comes, they are able to send the sample to a lab and get results back in a few days. After the customer gets the results, they get a complimentary telemedicine visit with a doctor. During this visit, they can get a prescription if needed to treat their STD.

BeCare Link is a predictive artificial intelligence platform that zeros in on multiple sclerosis. The program was designed to help quantify kinetic and cognitive measurements. The system was designed to fill the gaps where doctors don’t have contact with the patients.

Oshi Health is a platform designed to help people with inflammatory bowel disorder manage their condition. The platform helps users track their symptoms, quality of life measurements and other factors like diet, sleep and exercises. Users also have access to educational articles, recipes and materials. Plus, the company is angling itself as a potential source of data for research.

BioTrillion uses data from customers’ everyday life to detect diseases. The system was designed to digitally detect diseases that are developing by analyzing a variety of data points from smartphones, wearables, IoT and virtual assistants.

Neuroflow is a behavioral health platform that provides resources and management tools in a single cloud-based platform. The platform includes remote behavior monitoring, push notifications and insight generation.

Astarte Medical developed a software called NICUtrition, which helps quantitative data about gut health and allows providers to personalized nutrition care for infants. The company focuses on the baby’s first 1,000 days of life.

DNA Compass is focused on giving providers more access to genome mapping and helping them navigate the data. It also provides an analysis of multiple layers of genetic data.

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