LunaDNA, Genetic Alliance merging platforms, ZappRx distributing Bayer's specialty meds, and more digital health deals

Also: Medidata partners with the World Economic Forum; dacadoo's patient engagement supports Oracle Insurance.
By Dave Muoio
04:09 pm

Genomic and health data platform LunaDNA’s parent company, LunaPBC, has entered a partnership with Genetic Alliance, a nonprofit focused on delivering research and care opportunities to individuals and communities. Over the next year, LunaDNA will be merging its services with the Genetic Alliance’s engagement platform, strengthening both organizations’ efforts to solicit genetic research data directly from individuals.

"Most research endeavors leave out the most critical stakeholder: people. While health data is a critical component to the advancement of new treatments, research, and medical technology, data alone will not lead to solutions that alleviate suffering,” Sharon Terry, president and CEO, Genetic Alliance, said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with LunaPBC because, like us, they believe individuals need and deserve opportunities to be active participants in their own health and research opportunities. The day of de-identified data is over - we need to understand what happens over time, we need people to be partners in their own research to care cycle.” 

Digital specialty prescribing platform ZappRx has partnered with Bayer to provide medications to patients with pulmonary hypertension or relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. These treatments will come from Bayer’s specialty medicines portfolio, with the pharmaceutical company also gaining assets to ZappRx platform data regarding the treatment of these patients.

“By collaborating with a global pharmaceutical company such as Bayer, we continue to build momentum around our primary goal – helping patients,” Zoë Barry, CEO and founder of ZappRx, said in a statement. “Like ZappRx, Bayer puts the patient at the center of their world and by working together we believe the impact of both organizations can be greatly amplified. This agreement constitutes another meaningful step toward transforming how specialty medications are prescribed and accessed.”

Digital health management platform Veta Health has inked a deal with Boston Children’s Hospital to acquire the licensing rights to two of the hospital’s digital health products, TriVox Health and HelpSteps. The plan is for is for Veta to integrate the features of TriVox and HelpSteps into its offerings. Veta said this integration could help the company expand its clinical capabilities. 

“Given the significant strides that Veta Health has taken in the effort to improve ambulatory care through protocol-driven clinical pathways and the tremendous work accomplished by Trivox Health and HelpSteps to date, the potential of these platforms uniting is tremendous,” John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital, said in a statement. “We are immensely excited about the impact this will have on clinicians and patients alike.” 

Thanks to a new three-year strategic collaboration, Medidata has become a partner member associate of the World Economic Forum and will an initiative from the organization specifically focused on health and healthcare. In this effort, Medidata will help the forum and its other partners to devise business models specifically focused on the needs and health outcomes of patients.

“WEF and Medidata are aligned in the common goal of transforming the future of global healthcare,” Tarek Sherif, chairman and CEO of Medidata, said in a statement. “We’re excited to collaborate with healthcare organizations, regulators and influencers in this important cause.”

Digital health engagement platform dacadoo has a new strategic partnership with Oracle Insurance. With the deal, dacadoo’s front end and engagement solutions will be combined with Oracle’s core administration network to improve member enrollment selection and reduce claims cost.

“Oracle has globally gained momentum for its health, life and annuity platforms, but now with the addition of dacadoo, we are able to provide our customers with a differentiated cloud platform to run their businesses optimally, enabling them to stay at the forefront of market developments, specifically with the inclusion of dacadoo’s digital Health Score platform and artificial intelligence infused applications for underwriting processes and wellness management,” Srini Venkatasanthanam, VP of Oracle Insurance Solutions, said in a statement.


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