Lynne Minion

By Lynne Minion 10:52 amMay 23, 2019
A low-density sprawl of 420,000 people that is known as “the bush capital”, Canberra would appear to be an unlikely digital transformation hub. But above its leafy boulevards, national institutions and mobs of kangaroos, a fleet of mini planes will soon be zipping around carrying painkillers, lattes, gelato and golf balls. Wing announced in April that it had received Civil Aviation Safety...
Troops getting ready to deploy.

Photo by Luke Sharrett, Getty Images

By Lynne Minion 12:23 pmAugust 22, 2018
Brisbane, Australia-based ResApp has signed a deal to join in the development of mobile applications that will help determine the mission-readiness of American military personnel. ResApp, which creates smartphone apps for the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases, has announced a partnership with aerospace giant Lockheed Martin to join the US Government’s Warfighter Analytics using...