Makers of crowdfunded sun tracking wearable look to sell assets for $200,000

By Jonah Comstock
09:49 am

The makers of SunSprite, the clip-on wearable for tracking sun exposure that raised $67,000 on Indiegogo two years ago, are looking to sell the company. Cambridge, MA-based GoodLux Technology announced today that it has contracted with MJK Partners to auction off the company's assets, including the SunSprite device business and issued and pending US and foreign patents.

"We believe light tracking is more compelling as a part of a broader product or larger strategy," the company wrote in a FAQ. "Since we do not have sufficient expertise outside of light tracking, we decided the best way to capture value is to sell the company."

As we reported in 2014, SunSprite billed itself as a new kind of wearable tracker -- rather than telling users how much they move, it focused on telling them how much sunlight they're getting. Sunlight has a number of different effects on health and wellness: It affects one's mood, skin health, eye health and circadian rhythms. SunSprite was a clip-on device that tells the user, either through a connected app or through an LED display on the device itself, whether they have gotten their recommended amount of light for the day. The tracker was also solar powered, so as long as the user got some sunlight the tracker never needed to be plugged in. 

The company was apparently successful in shipping its device out to backers. According to the same FAQ, the company sold a total of 641 devices over Indiegogo, 346 via their website, and 449 via resellers. At $99.99 per tracker, that comes to about $143,600 in sales.

MLK Partners is seeking a sale price of $150,000 for Lot A, which includes one issued patent and two pending patent applications. For Lot B, which includes the inventory of unsold devices, the company's website and mobile apps, the SunSprite trademark, and the company's user database, the asking price is $50,000. 

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