Masimo, Thermomedics team up to launch Bluetooth, contactless thermometer

By Laura Lovett
12:04 pm

Earlier this week medical device maker Masimo and Thermomedics, a Positive ID company, launched their new contactless, Bluetooth-enabled thermometer in the US market. The thermometer, called TIR-1, will be able to integrate with the Masimo Root patient monitoring and connectivity platform. 

"TIR-1 is a great example of the powerful expandability and versatility of the Root platform, and of our commitment to improving patient care through streamlined and automated workflows,” Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, said in a statement. “This thermometer makes it easy to efficiently take the temperatures of multiple patients without having to manually record data. We’re delighted to have partnered with Thermomedics to develop an additional, easy-to-use thermometry option for Root customers.”

The product could cut down on cross-contamination, the company pointed out, since the device will not actually have to touch each patient. The company also said the technology could potentially cut costs by eliminating the need to buy disposable covers. 

The new FDA-cleared thermometer will connect to Masimo’s Root platform, a monitoring hub for clinicians that can integrate with a number of devices and provide caregivers with information about brain function monitoring, regional oximetry, capnography, and vital sign measurements. 

Wireless thermometers have been a hot topic this year. In February, connected health company Kinsa launched a wireless version of its device, called Kinsa QuickCare. Unlike the Mismo thermometer, which is designed for providers, the Kinsa product is targeted more towards consumers. The Kinsa thermometer connects to a smartphone app. 

Other companies have looked at nontraditional connected monitors. For example, VivaLnk launched its FDA-cleared connected wearable thermometer for children, called Fever Scout. 

However, none of these products are Bluetooth-wireless and contactless. In fact, the companies launching the product are currently claiming to be the only product with this distinction. 

"Our team worked diligently to develop the TIR-1, the first Bluetooth-wireless non-contact thermometer to be paired with a vital signs monitoring system,” William Caragol, chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said in a statement.  We are very proud to bring this product to market with a world-class company like Masimo and introduce non-contact thermometry to the Root platform.”


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