MassChallenge announces 30 digital health companies to join its 2019 cohort

At the end of the program the startups will get a chance to compete for more than $200,000 in prize money.
By Laura Lovett
02:14 pm

Last week MassChallenge HealthTech unveiled the 30 digital health startups that will make up its 2019 cohort.

The program gives the startups co-working office space and a tailored curriculum, with the primary goal of connecting startups to advisors, investors, pilots and research opportunities. Startups can also apply for need-based scholarships for no cost and no equity. Eventually, the companies have a chance to compete for more than $200,000 in prize money that has no equity attached. 

This year's cohort includes a diverse pool of companies that focus on every topic from diabetes monitoring to substance use treatment and workflow tools to senior ride sharing.

This years cohort includes:

1upHealth is a health data aggregation and centralization platform that aims to streamline the workflow for providers and give developers a FHIR and API platform that can easily use patient data. 

Alavita Health (formerly known as Multisensor Diagnostics) is a digital health platform that has the capability to monitor multiple health conditions and triage patients. 

Bonbouton employs wearable sensors to detect and monitor diabetes-related health conditions. Its signature product is a smart insole that lies under a patients’ foot and can detect temperature and pressure.

Buoy Health is an online platform that uses an AI chatbot as a gateway into healthcare treatment.

Care Angel is a “virtual nurse assistant” that uses AI and voice technology to engage patients and help them manage their health conditions. It includes medication reminders and appointment followups. 

cNeuro is a clinical decision support tool that helps clinicians make quantitative assessments of brain images. 

DynamiCare is a platform focused on reducing substance abuse. It does this through incentivizing healthy behavior and using breath and saliva test results to verify. It can also alert providers and family members if the platform detects a relapse. 

Epihunter is a digital health startup focused on tracking and managing epilepsy. The company says it can track epileptic seizures that are difficult to detect. 

Frame Health is a cloud-based data analysis software designed to tackle numerous problems in healthcare for various stakeholders including patient engagement, medication nonadherence and chronic condition management.

Gain Health is a platform built to help people change undesirable behavior, such as overeating. 

GoGoGrandparent is a startup aimed at seniors that lets users access ride sharing  services like Uber or Lyft without a smartphone. 

GYANT is a triage chatbot that employs AI to help users figure out where they should turn for treatment. 

GyroGear is a startup focused on helping patients with Parkinson’s disease. Its signature product is a glove that helps stabilize a person’s hand. 

Lighter is a technology that can help users track their food intake, as well as give users personalized meal plans based on their goals. 

Lumme is a startup focused on addiction treatment that uses sensors on a smartphone and smartwatch to detect, predict and prevent certain behaviors. 

Marigold Health uses text messaging as a way to conduct group psychotherapy. 

Neteera has developed a flexible and scalable sensor technology that can monitor pulse rate, respiration rate and heart rate. 

Pixm is a startup dedicated to preventing phishing for companies. 

Pumpspotting is a social media app that helps connect moms who are breastfeeding and lets users share tips about breastfeeding and good places to stop and nurse. 

Radial Analytics is a platform that helps clinicians make choices about discharging patients and coming up with care plans. 

Sensio Air developed an app to track air conditions and in turn predict and prevent asthma and allergy symptoms. 

Sequegenics said that it can produce high-resolution DNA at a low cost by employing its proprietary algorithms, which can better control background noise during sequencing. 

Signum is a digital health startup that develops patient education and consent tools for providers and clinical trials. 

The Mighty is a community health forum where people with different conditions can connect and share experiences and advise. 

Twistle is a multifaceted platform that includes secure messaging, patient monitoring, survey collection, data reports, care coordination and integration. 

Valera Health makes a smartphone app and platform to improve treatment of anxiety and depression.

Veta Health helps facilitate patient and provider communication, and can gather patient information. 

Voiceitt helps translate non-standard dysarthric speech into clear speech through an app. 

Welnys is a platform that helps companies manage their corperate wellness programs. 

Zakipoint Health is a startup that was designed to help lower employers’ healthcare costs by using predictive analytics. 

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