Mayo Clinic-born remote patient monitoring startup Ambient Clinical Analytics gets $1.5M

By Jonah Comstock
04:44 pm
Mayo Clinic remote patient monitoring startup Ambient Clinical Analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics, a remote patient monitoring company that spun off from Mayo Clinic in 2013, has raised $1.5 million in a round led by Noaber Ventures, the impact investment arm of Noaber Foundation and the company’s first European investor. Existing investors Social Capital, Bluestem Capital, and Mayo Clinic also contributed to the round.

“The company is making great progress, and interest is rising nationwide from large system hospitals,” CEO Allen Berning said in a statement. “We feel we are well positioned to make Ambient Clinical Analytics the market leader when it comes to real-time analytics-based clinical decision support solutions. With the additional funding we are now able to actively focus on the European continent and expand our business.”

Ambient Clinical Analytics offers an FDA-cleared monitoring platform called AWARE.

AWARE stands for Ambient Warning and Response Evaluation. It’s an interface for EHR data that prioritizes and organizes a patient’s medical information in three ways: by organ, chronologically as a timeline, or as a customized checklist that displays only the next steps relevant to that case. According to Ambient, the goal of the product is to "clearly and concisely present actionable information to all care team members to improve patient outcomes, reduce the cost of care, and support best-care practices for ICUs and other critical care areas.”

Other offerings include Sepsis DART, which detects and provides digital guidance for treating sepsis, and Mayo Clinic YES Board, a patient tracking tool for emergency departments that allows staff members in the emergency department to monitor the location and status of all patients from monitor screens throughout the department.

“We are seeing many investment opportunities within digital health, however, only a few have the ability to create meaningful results for patients by increasing patient outcome and systematically reducing costs,” Matthijs Blokhuis, managing director of Noaber Ventures, said in a statement. “We believe Ambient has a proper validated product and the right kind of people onboard to actually create such impact. Having seen the value Ambient brings through its implementation at Mayo Clinic, we are confident Ambient will deliver its impact at a global scale.”

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