Medisafe inks deal with Lash group to integrate medication management system

The platform employs machine learning and predictive analytics to personalize the reminders, as well as pinpoint patients who are at-risk.
By Laura Lovett
11:36 am

Medisafe, a digital medication adherence app, is joining forces with Amerisource Bergen’s Lash Group in order to integrate the former’s management app into the latter’s hub services. The partnership seeks to help patients manage their medications and identify patients who need extra support. 

As part of the deal Lash patients will be able to enroll in the Medisafe platform when  medication is prescribed. The platform employs machine learning and predictive analytics to personalize the reminders and care. It will also pinpoint at-risk patients and alert Lash clinicians. 

“I think high-tech and high-touch partnerships are going to lead the way in the future,” Omri Shor, CEO of Medisafe, told MobiHealthNews. 


Medication adherence has long been a major issue within healthcare. Non-adherence impacts between 40% and 50% of patients of patients who are prescribed medication for a chronic condition, according to a study published in The Permanente Journal. 

“We know that nearly three in four patients are non-adherent to their medication in some way,” Tommy Bramley, president of Lash Group, said in a statement. “At Lash Group, we are always building on our legacy of helping patients with access, affordability and adherence to optimize outcomes. We are excited to work with Medisafe to provide an additional layer of digital communication to improve adherence rates and instill healthy behaviors. We meet patient needs by providing both digital and human support to help guide patients on their path to recovery and to a higher quality of life.”


Medisafe has been involved in a number of partnerships in the last few years. In November the company signed a deal with chronic disease management startup Livongo, giving its patients access to the Medisafe system. 

Last June Boehringer Ingelheim tapped Medisafe to offer a wraparound app experience that incorporated Pradaxa-specific educational information into a special version of its app, which patients are directed to when they are prescribed the drug. 

The system was also one of the first companies to integrate with Apple Health Records


 “We are excited to move upstream in the patient journey making it easier for new patients to get started on therapy. And this solution offers patients further support throughout their journey as a trained clinician is never more than a tap away,” Shor said in a statement. "Our strategic collaboration will improve the well-being of patients with severe illness and complex medication regimens at scale by helping them stay adherent to specialty medications for longer. We see great value working with Lash Group to offer this high-tech, high-touch approach.” 


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