Medisafe to launch personalized tone of voice app at HIMSS18

By Jonah Comstock
12:47 pm

Medication management app maker Medisafe has a guiding principle when it comes to the difficult task of improving medication adherence: One size does not fit all. Patients miss medications for a range of different reasons, so a range of different approaches can be appropriate to help them.

“We can understand different reasons for adherence for different people, activate different motivators, and adjust with solutions for these people,” Medisafe CEO Omri Shor said. “Some of them will get different kinds of reminders. Some will get visual or audio content in a personalized way. Some of them will be connected to family members. Some of them can extract reports and send them to the doctor. So there are many different tools we apply to them based on their digital profile.”

At HIMSS18 in Las Vegas, Medisafe will launch its next step in personalization, a tool that will allow the company to customize not just the content but the tone of patient-facing messaging. AI tools will be used to select the appropriate tone.

“It’s showing another level of personalization,” Shor said. “It’s no longer just a tool that you put in front of the patient, it’s actually how do you talk to them about [adherence]. Should I tell you if you take it you’ll be healthier? Should I talk to you about the fact that science proves that if you take your medications you’ll be healthier? Should I tell you that if you don’t take your medications you’ll die? So essentially the big notion is personalization is the key and what we’re going to be sharing with the world is a better understanding of personalized tone of voice for a patient.”

At the conference, Medisafe will be focusing on three aspects of its platform: improving medication adherence, increasing patient engagement, and generating data-driven insights about patient behavior. The new personalization tool highlights all three.

“We’ve been talking about personalization of the user experience for a few years now,” Shor said. “And I think that the new tool that’s based on behavioral insights allowing us to talk with patients in different tones, I think that is a very important piece and that certainly will create a lot of promising data. Especially if we have the data that’s associated with that. So if you talk to a lot of different people with different tones of voice, do you really get better outcomes? And the answer will be yes, look at the data.”

Medisafe will be in Booth 9900.


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