Mental health home care company Mindoula acquires Care at Hand

By Jonah Comstock
03:00 pm

Silver Spring, Maryland-based mental health care management company Mindoula Health has acquired Care at Hand, a Boston-based healthcare analytics company that offers a mobile-based early warning system for home caregivers, for an undisclosed amount.

"We have dedicated our company to transforming what we see as a broken behavioral health system,” Mindoula CEO Steve Sidel said in a statement. “Our case managers and peer support specialists leverage our multi-platform technology to provide around-the-clock behavioral health support that is person-centered and evidence-based. The Care at Hand acquisition optimizes our technology-enabled services and makes them indispensable to providers and payers participating in value-based delivery models.”

Care at Hand has raised just shy of $2 million in seed funding, including small equity investments from two accelerators: StartUp Health, where Care at Hand participated in one of the first classes co-sponsored by GE; and Rock Health, which chose Care at Hand for its second-ever class back in 2011.

Care at Hand's offering helps home care managers identify and head off the risk factors that presage hospital readmission using a combination of surveys delivered to caregivers via mobile devices and data analysis.

Mindoula considers technology to be a significant part of its identity as a company. The care management firm has had an iPhone and Android messenger app available to its members for a few years. It allows members to communicate with their care managers both virtually and in-person. Care at Hand's offering will be integrated into Mindoula's. Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky, the co-founder and CEO of Care at Hand, will join Mindoula as the SVP of Medical Affairs.

“The Care at Hand team is thrilled to join forces with Mindoula in a way that will allow us to extend our mission to help people thrive in their homes and avoid hospitalizations," he said in a statement.


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