Mercy Health's Jewish Hospital deploys wayfinding app

By Jonah Comstock
01:38 pm

Hospital wayfinding app company Connexient has deployed its app at The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. The hospital is part of Mercy Health, a health system with 180 locations across Ohio and Kentucky.

The app, which runs on Connexient's MediNav platform, is called "Right this Way". It offers detailed indoor maps to help patients navigate the hospital which can pinpoint the user's location within a few meters and give step-by-step directions to different areas. The app also allows patients or visitors to save the location of their car in the parking garage and be guided back to it. This is achieved by installing Bluetooth beacons around the hospital.

"We are honored to announce Mercy Health as a new client," Mark Green, Connexient CEO and cofounder, said in a statement. "Its commitment to both innovation and delivering outstanding patient experience makes Mercy Health an ideal partner as we continue to expand and enhance MediNav as the best-of-breed Indoor Navigation and Digital Wayfinding solution for healthcare."

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While the app is available for iOS and Android, the navigation features can also be accessed by people who don't wish to download an app or don't have a smartphone. It's available online and at touchscreen kiosks planted throughout the hospital.

 "We're always looking to improve the experience of both our patients and visitors and we launched the app to guide you to the department or room you want to visit, remember where you parked and help reduce missed or late appointments," ​Pat Davis-Hagens, Mercy Health Central Market President and CEO, said in a statement.

Connexient has been deploying its system in hospitals for a few years now, with notable customers including the National Institute of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where the current version of MediNav was first launched.

The company may be facing new competition, however as other enterprise wayfinding companies wade into the healthcare sphere. VenueNext, which has built apps for the sports and entertainment industries, recently teamed up with Saint Luke's Health System, a 10-hospital system serving patients in and around Kansas City, Missouri, to build a comprehensive mobile app for patients and visitors.


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