Microsoft finally puts an end to its Health Dashboard

Two and a half years after discontinuing its Microsoft Band, the tech giant announced plans to close down the corresponding platform.
By Laura Lovett
11:12 am

Microsoft announced that come the end of May it is shutting down its Health Dashboard and offering refunds to Microsoft Band users. This news comes two and a half years after the tech giant discontinued its fitness tracker offering. 

Until the end of May, users will be able to transfer their data using a Microsoft export tool; after that, all the data will be deleted. Existing Bands will still have limited functionality and be able to track daily health information, record activity data, track sleep and set alarms. 

The company said that users who have their Band covered under limited warranty or are active users will be eligible for a refund — $79.99 for Band 1 customers and and $175 for those with a Band 2.

Why it matters 

Microsoft launched the fitness focused smart watch in 2014. But it never achieved the same notability as an Apple Watch or Fitbit. As the race for wearable domination continues this is just one more indication of the current consolidation of the market.

The trend 

Microsoft isn't the only big tech company shuttering its early fitness tracking efforts. In February, Google announced that it will be turning off the Google Fit website on March 19. The Silicon Valley company said it is steering away from the website and enhancing its mobile and smartphone experience. 

Over the years a number of other fitness trackers have also gone off the market including the Bodymedia Core, the Nike FuelBand, the Basis Band, and of course the Jawbone UP. 

On the other hand, new entrants are still coming into the space, such as Samsung, which recently announced a new fitness-focused smartwatch and fitness band.


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