Misfit shows off Ray, a cylindrical activity tracking device

By Aditi Pai
02:28 pm

Misfit has unveiled a new activity tracking device that is cylindrical in shape instead of round like Misfit’s other trackers. This is the first device the company has launched since Fossil acquired Misfit late last year.

Similarly to Misfit 2, Ray has a three-axis accelerometer and a vibration feature that reminds users to get up and move throughout the day, notifies them of a call or text, and serves as a silent alarm. The device is also compatible with Misfit’s Link feature, which allows users to use their device to change their music, turn on their lights, and do other smart home-related activities if they have those kinds of connected devices around their house.

The device can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace.

“We designed Ray to be your most valuable accessory,” Misfit VP of Product and Design Tim Golnik said in a statement. “Ray’s design distills the essential performance of our wearables and opens up a world of style possibilities.”

The device is currently available for preorder for $99 and will be available for retail in the spring of 2016. 

Misfit launched its first new version of the Shine activity tracker just a few months ago, which is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, but carved out of the same airplane-grade aluminum.


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