MobiHealthNews is going global — here's what you need to know

Breaking down the differences between HIMSS Media's publications
By Jonah Comstock
11:13 am

As most readers already know, MobiHealthNews recently launched as a global brand, which means bringing our readers the same coverage and more.
With this exciting change brings a new era of MobiHealthNews and its sister site, Healthcare IT News, both of which are complimentary and have an international footprint. We both report breaking news and daily happenings in the information and technology space, as well as deep-dive features, analysis and insights into the hardest problems health IT pros face.
But we also draw distinctions between our coverage areas and our readerships. In order to better inform our readers, including new international readers, and to help guide them to the content that they’re most interested in, we wanted to break down those distinctions as we enter this new era.
Founded in 2008, MobiHealthNews is dedicated to covering the emerging world of digital health technology. People define the boundaries of digital health in many different ways, but for MobiHealthNews it comes down to covering the intersection of two major trends: the consumerization of healthcare, and healthcare’s adoption of mobile and connected technology.
The consumerization angle leads us to cover patient engagement technology such as hospital apps, PHRs and patient portals, as well as direct-to-consumer products like fitness tracking wearables and mail-order genetic tests. It even extends to the use of artificial intelligence to create population health programs that help hospitals intelligently meet the needs of a broad diversity of patients.
Mobile and connected health includes remote patient monitoring, connected drugs and drug delivery devices that promote adherence, synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine, mobile hospital communications, innovative offerings in virtual and augmented reality, and much more.
All of this is happening against the backdrop of value-based care and health tech innovation, as care providers, insurers, employers, investors, pharma companies and medical device companies all pursue technology and processes that will help them improve the quality of care while decreasing the costs. This is the emerging world that we’re covering at MobiHealthNews.

Here’s how Healthcare IT News is different:

HIMSS Media’s flagship publication Healthcare IT News was founded in 2003, and today they're all over the digital and information revolution happening right now.
The healthcare system has been digitized. Hospitals and health systems are collecting veritable mountains of data. Indeed, a foundation is in place for innovations driving next-generation healthcare.
Technological underpinnings, in fact, enable the overarching care delivery trends such as precision medicine, population health, virtual visits, improving the patient experience and extending care outside the hospital. The technologies hospitals need to make those happen? Analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, EHRs, interoperability, information security and telehealth, among others.
In other words: Healthcare IT News focuses on the tech infrastructure IT shops deploy to serve clinicians, administrators and, of course, patients.

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We hope you enjoy and learn from both Healthcare IT News and MobiHealthNews, and we would appreciate any feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop both or either of us a line.
Thanks for reading,
Jonah Comstock, Editor in Chief, MobiHealthNews
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