Moving Analytics raises $1.1M for app-enabled cardiac rehab program, eyes COPD next

By Jonah Comstock
10:53 am

Marina Del Rey, California-based Moving Analytics has raised $1.1 million in a round led by Launchpad Digital Health, an accelerator where the startup is currently enrolled, with additional contributions from HealthX Ventures. Moving Analytics makes an app and web portal for post-discharge patient follow-up and rehabilitation.

“A total of 2.5 million patients in the US don’t receive adequate follow-up care after discharge from heart attacks or surgeries because of high cost and long distances to the hospital,” said Moving Analytics CEO and Founder Harshvardhan Vathsangam. “Our mission is to help hospitals provide rehab to all eligible patients and by doing so, help them earn additional revenue and bring down readmission costs.”

Moving Analytics' first app, called Movn, is for cardiac rehabilitation. Based on MultiFit, an evidence-based rehab program developed at Stanford University, Movn helps guide patients through supervised exercises, monitors their vitals, and provides educational materials. It also can help remind patients about medications and follow-up appointments. A web portal allows a patient's care provider to see how they're engaging with the app. 

In February, NYU's Langone Medical Center began a 100-patient trial of Movn for their cardiac rehab patients.

“We are just interested in knowing what happens when people leave the door, after they finish the program,” Michelle Smith, an assistant research scientist at NYU's Rusk Rehabilitation Center, told MobiHealthNews at the time. “This way we’re able to do that relatively quickly and relatively easily just to kind of keep tabs on folks rather than calling and having them come in for appointments on a regular basis. From day one... you want to make sure that they’re still doing what we have been having them do for a long period of time.”

In addition to Launchpad, the company is also currently going through the Texas Medical Center's TMCx accelerator program. That program will conclude in June. Moving Analytics plans to use the funds to expand into more hospitals in the US. They also have plans to launch a second rehab app, for patients with COPD. 


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