New app WeMa aims to give resources to caregivers

By Laura Lovett
12:58 pm

London-based startup WeMa Life has recently launched its online marketplace app that helps caregivers and patients connect with providers. The app has multiple functions and allows caregivers to book social care, domiciliary care, nursing, domestic help, personal care, and hygiene care.

“Anyone who has ever been tasked with sourcing domiciliary care for themselves or someone close to them will know how difficult, stressful and cumbersome the process can be,” Rohit Patni, CEO of WeMa, said in a statement. “Often blighted by poor communication and requiring multiple platforms, the healthcare industry has been crying out for a better solution to connect care within communities – the launch of WeMa Life will deliver this.”

The idea for the platform was inspired by the leadership team’s own experiences finding care for a loved one. 

“WeMa Life was borne out of our family’s own difficult experiences of caring for an elderly relative – we understand the emotional and physical strain of looking after a loved one It’s a time-consuming role that requires a lot of diligence as well as a huge number of sacrifices,” Rajal Patni, chief financial officer at WeMa Life, said in a statement. “We’re confident that WeMa Life will make this experience far simpler and less stressful, while also helping others better managing their own health.”

The platform isn't only for caregivers. It can be used by consumers of any age to book fitness classes and wellness facilities. 

Caregiving apps have become increasingly popular. In a 2016 survey 40 percent of caregivers reported using an app to help them manage their caregiving tasks. 
In fact the world of digital health is now evolving for caregivers. Perhaps most  unusual digital health applications is a virtual reality experience. In February Embodied Labs’ Embodying a Person with Alzheimer’s in VR won the AARP Caregiving for Dementia Innovation Challenge. The technology lets caregivers experience some of the sensations of what it is like living with dementia. 


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