Nine dermatology-focused digital health platforms

By Laura Lovett
03:03 pm
  • The American Academy of Dermatology offers its own mobile apps for both patients and providers. The provider apps include a Mohs AUC app, which helps doctors decide when surgery is appropriate and a chronic urticaria physician app, which helps dermatologists diagnose and treat chronic urticaria. It also lists a chronic hives patient app, which gives patients resources and information about their hives. 
  • San Francisco-based Doctor Hazel AI is another company the employs AI technology to screen for skin cancer. The technology is designed to assist doctors in their diagnosing practice, instead of replacing it. Currently the company is in the process of collecting more data and is recruiting participants to join its beta version. At TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017, the company said that after one day and thousands of image downloads the AI was able to identify cancer at an 85 percent success rate. 

  • YoDerm lets its users connect with dermatologists online and get prescriptions through a digital platform. Users fill out an online medical consultation with pictures and submit that to a dermatologist. The dermatologist can then prescribe the user medication. The startup can prescribe for acne, male pattern baldness, and longer eye lashes. 
  • Hims, a men’s health products and medication platform that delivers its services through the mail, has recently begun to grow its skincare offerings. In order to get a prescription, customers fill out a digital assessment on the website that a network of doctors uses to assess specific needs. The company’s platform also includes a telemedicine component. The company has been expanding to include cold sore and acne medications as well as anti-aging cream. 


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