Noninvasive injection detection system iSenz completes validation trials, seeks commercialization

By Laura Lovett
03:49 pm

Keeping track of insulin dosage and figuring out the right injection angle can be a challenge for people living with diabetes. A new company called nGageIT Digital, has just finished validation trials for its new product, iSenz, a smart noninvasive injection monitoring system that aims to help people correctly angle their injections. 

“[iSenz] modernized the insulin pen delivery device,” Raj Reddy, President and CEO of nGageIT, told MobiHealthNews. “So while there has been lots of development around different types of insulin there not a lot of types of development around how people use it and helping people use it properly, especially since people use it at home. The platform is also being designed to be used by other medications that are injected in a similar fashion.”

After the user has injected the insulin, the iSenz can detect the level of insulin and other injectable drugs used, and then send the user’s smartphone information about their dose. The device also has the capability to send that information to a provider via the cloud. The device is HIPAA-compliant and can connect directly into the patient's EMR for a clinician to view. 

The device also keeps track of when the user is injecting insulin and can send the log to a provider.

The technology is also designed to help patients inject the insulin at the correct angle. Reddy said that in order for the patient to get the best results they must inject the insulin at a 90- or 45-degree angle, which can cause trouble for people on the go or who are not as experienced with using the insulin pen. 

The technology uses a flashlight and gyroscope with a light system attached. When the patient is at a 90- or 45-degree angle, the light flashes blue and the patient can then inject the medication. If the patient is injecting the medication at an incorrect angle, the light will flash red. 

The device also tracks the way a patient has injected the medication over time. That way if there seems to be a recurring issue with a patient incorrectly injecting the medication, a clinician, with whom the patient choses to share the information, can have a conversation about how to inject it properly. 

The product has not yet hit the market, but Reddy said that right now the company is beginning to explore partnerships with leaders in the pharma industry. He said in the future he sees the product integrating with pharma products like an auto-injector. nGageIT Digital was founded in 2016 and is based in Toronto, Canada.


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