Garmin inks deal with BCBS, DrChrono teams up with Updox and more digital health deals

Also: IlumiCare teams up with digital health coach Pack Health; Sansoro Health partners with OpiSafe.
By Laura Lovett
03:59 pm
Consumer tech firm Garmin has inked a deal with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s wellness program Blue365. As part of the agreement, its members can buy a Garmin wearable at a reduced rate. 
“Garmin Health is excited to collaborate with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association on an innovative program like Blue365,” Sean McNamara, Garmin Health Manager, said in a statement. “Garmin wearable devices encourage both physical and emotional health. Combined with the personalized digital health tools available in Blue365, members will have access to the information they need to help them live healthier lives.” 
Yesterday DrChrono, maker of a digital EHR system, announced that it had joined forces with Updox, a healthcare collaboration platform. The new deal will give DrChrono users access to Updox’s platform, enabling them consolidate tasks and communicate with patients and providers. As part of the agreement, providers will have access to secure messaging and video chats. 
“We are expanding this relationship with Updox because it offers our customers a very powerful collaboration platform to better communicate with patients and improve efficiency for their staff,” Daniel Kivatinos, COO and cofounder of DrChrono, said in a statement. “Our Healthcare App Directory offers a wide variety of apps to help medical practices incorporate the best technology into their business, and we believe Updox is a great example of using technology to run practices more smoothly.”
IlumiCare is teaming up with digital health coach platform Pack Health. As part of the new agreement, a provider can refer a patient to the coaching service through the EHR system. The coaching service is able to guide patients with chronic conditions on everything from medication adherence to health lifestyle habits. 
“In order to drive improved health outcomes, we have to be able to connect quickly with patients that can benefit from health coaching,” Mazi Rasulnia, president and CEO of Pack Health, said in a statement. “Streamlining the enrollment process reduces delays in getting the patient started with a program and enables us to reach more patients at this critical moment in their journey, shortly after diagnosis or a hospital discharge. The Smart Ribbon is the ideal tool to make life easier for our referring clinicians because it puts us within the provider’s workflow, right there in the [EHR].”
EHR integration company Sansoro Health is teaming up with OpiSafe, which specializes in platforms focused on preventing and addressing the opioid crisis. The partnership will focus on helping give providers the tools to prescribe opioids appopriately and prevent misuse. 
“At OpiSafe, our mission is to deliver state of the art clinical decision support to prescribers who consider prescribing opioids for pain or addiction. Connecting data available through PDMPs, urinalysis and analytics platforms to information stored in electronic health records enables prescribers to make better prescribing decisions in less time,” Chris Ennis, CTO at OpiSafe, said in a statement. “With Sansoro Health's Emissary, OpiSafe practices will now have the ability to seamlessly integrate our platform into their workflow. Both OpiSafe and Sansoro Health embrace innovation to better handle pain, reduce opioid misuse and ultimately improve outcomes for millions of Americans.”


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