Innomar Strategies launches chronic disease management platform for Canadian patients

The new platform called Chronically Simple lets patients store test results, diagnostic images and medical records.
By Laura Lovett
02:40 pm

Looking to the chronic care space, Innomar Strategies, a Canadia-focused arm of AmerisourceBergen, has developed a new mobile app dubbed Chronically Simple. The new tool was designed to help individuals with complex need and chronic conditions manage their care. 

The patient-facing tool will allow users to view appointments and communicate with healthcare providers. Patients using the system can share their medical information with their provider. 

Further, the new platform will lets patients store test results, diagnostic images and medical records. It will also provide appointment reminders and information about their medications. 

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In addition to clinical information, the platform was developed to help users calculate medication and health-related expenses. 


Chronic diseases are prevalent and costly to the general population. The National Health Council estimates that more than 40% of Americans have an incurable and ongoing chronic disease. Chronic conditions account for more than 75% of health care costs, according to the council. 

These rates of chronic disease are fairly on par with Canada, the main market for this tool. According to the Canadian government44% of adults over 20 have at least one of 10 common chronic conditions. 

The company is pitching this as a way to help people manage the conditions as well as the cost. 


The digital chronic care industry is booming. Solera has made its mark as a digital marketplace for benefit and chronic disease management programs, recently landing $42 million in Series C funding.

While many companies specialize on one particular chronic condition, others take a more broad approach. For example, Livongo got its start in diabetes management but has since evolved to cater to hypertension, behavioral health and dyslipidemia as well. 


“At Innomar, we believe in patient-centric healthcare, and Chronically Simple puts the power in the hands of the patient,” Guy Payette, president of Innomar, said in a statement. “We are committed to investing in innovative digital tools that help optimize outcomes, and Chronically Simple does just that through an easy-to-use mobile interface. We look forward to launching Chronically Simple as part of our AvidityHealth solutions. AvidityHealth is an innovation connector, with a suite of solutions that make it easier for physicians to interact with patient support programs, provide efficiencies for payers, engage patients through digital tools and use data analytics to support timely patient access to medication.”


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