Nanit's new infant outfit works with smart camera to monitor baby's breathing

When the clothing's patterns are read by Nanit's camera, the system can give insights into the baby's breathing.
By Laura Lovett
01:24 pm

Baby-focused tech company Nanit released a new line of infant clothing called Breathing Wear that, when combined with its smart camera and app, lets new parents keep tabs on their child’s sleep and breathing patterns. 

In order for it to work, parents place Nanit's camera above their baby’s crib. The camera can then interpret the customized pattern on the baby’s clothing item, and translate that into a breathing pattern. This information is then sent to the caregiver’s smartphone or tablet.

The company is marketing the new gear as an alternative to sensor- and electronic-enabled clothing for babies. Currently the company is selling a swaddling version and a breathing band, which circles around the baby’s middle. The swaddle has two sizes and can fit babies up to six months old. The band also has a small and a large size, and will fit children up to two years old. 

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From the bedding in a crib to positioning a baby in the correct sleeping position, new parents get a lot of advice. But a number of conditions do impact infants in particular. The CDC reported 3,600 sudden unexpected infant deaths in 2017. The three most commonly reported types of SUID were sudden infant deaths, accidental suffication or strangulation and unknown causes, according to the agency. 


Baby tech is cropping up more frequently now. In fact, for the last few years, the largest consumer technology expo, CES, has dedicated an entire section to baby tech. Nanit first revealed Breathing Wear at this event. 

Nanit is hardly the only digital health company focused on baby monitoring. Owlet Smart Socks give parents real-time access to heart rate and oxygen levels. Additionally, Sproutling launched an ankle wearable that helps monitor a baby’s heartbeat and sleeping position. 


“Many of the parents in our Nanit community have requested the ability to track their baby’s breathing motion,” Dr. Assaf Glazer, Nanit co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “And since every parent and every baby is unique, we wanted to give customers an easy, natural and customizable way to add this feature into their existing Nanit sleep solution.”


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