Tyto Care launches on Epic's App Orchard, will integrate with MyChart

Only a few telemedicine companies have apps on Epic's burgeoning app marketplace.
By Jonah Comstock
03:49 pm

Israeli device-enabled telemedicine company Tyto Care has launched an app on Epic's App Orchard, enabling the company's service to be easily integrated into the mammoth tech company's EHR.

Tyto Care offers a remote consultation service, which it supports with a number of connected devices that are designed to better enable these virtual visits. Housed within the remote care kits sold to providers, insurers and consumers alike are a camera, a basal thermometer, an otoscope, a stethoscope and tongue depressor, all of which transmit a user’s specific biometrics to the physician. 

The integration is multifaceted: not only will it allow Tyto Care providers to transfer data into the EHR, but it will also allow hospitals to set up a workflow where patients can enter into a Tyto Care virtual visit directly from Epic's patient-facing app MyChart.

"Epic has been our electronic patient record standard of care for years and now we have adopted Tyto Care," Meghan Goldammer, SVP at Sanford Health, said in a statement. "These two forward-thinking, turnkey digital tools are a perfect match. The integration will allow for a coordinated patient experience and give our providers the information they need to deliver great care."


Epic's App Orchard, which launched just a few years ago in 2017, boasts 132 apps. But hardly any of those are from telemedicine companies. The notable exception is a recently-launched app from Teladoc which includes a similar MyChart integration to Tyto Care's new app. Epic is still one of the most popular EHR vendors in the US, so the integration is major selling point for Tyto Care, which is currently pursuing several avenues to broaden the reach of its technology.

"Integrating into the Epic marketplace was a natural next step for us in expanding our mission to transform primary care with increased convenience and efficiency," Dedi Gilad, CEO and cofounder of Tyto Care, said in a statement. "Tyto Care's key clinical data is now available in real-time to patients and health providers, creating a more holistic and streamlined experience for patients and doctors alike."


Tyto Care sells its telemedicine platform to both consumers and health systems. While this latest move bolstered its reach in the latter group, it scored a major win with consumers last month when it became available in a number of Best Buy stores as well as on the electronics retailer's website.

Last year, the company also inked a deal with Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network (GBUAHN) that will outfit patient health navigators with Tyto Care products for use during in-home visits.