Northwell Health Home Care Network now offers patients tablets for telemonitoring

By Heather Mack
04:10 pm

In-home nursing, therapy and social work provider Northwell Health Home Care is putting telehealth capabilities into the hands of their patients. Through a partnership with health technology company Health Recovery Solutions, Northwell’s home care clients can use Bluetooth-enabled tablets to transfer vital signs and facilitate videoconferencing with their clinicians.

Leveraging Health Recovery Solutions’ telemonitoring technology, the tablets include blood pressure and digital weight monitors, a pulse oximeter, stethoscope and moveable video camera. The mobile device will transmit vital signs and other data to the patient’s care team and family members as well as trigger alerts for those who are at risk of a medical emergency.

The introduction of the telemonitoring tablet has two aims: improve health outcomes and get patients more engaged with their own health.

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"Telemonitoring is a wonderful tool to help reduce re-hospitalizations," Northwell’s Director of Patient Services Diane Asquino said in a statement. "It engages the patient in managing their health by helping them to identify symptoms early. If they think something is wrong, they can notify their physicians immediately to reduce hospitalizations."

Previously, the company offered telemonitoring services through a desktop computer, but the new, mobile iteration of the technology allows clinicians to remote access and communicate with patients 24/7. Additionally, it is much easier for patients to use than a computer.

“We are not computer experts. We don’t even own a computer, but we can manage this very well,” Charlotte Feinstein, whose 100-year-old husband Bernard is using the system, said in a statement. “With this program, we don’t have to leave the apartment and go back-and-forth to doctor visits.”


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