Novo Nordisk's soon-to-be-released insulin pens will connect to Glooko's diasend platform

This morning Glooko also announced that its diasend platform will be compatible with the Dexcom G6.
By Laura Lovett
04:23 pm

This morning diabetes data management company Glooko announced that two soon-to-be released Novo Nordisk connected insulin pens will now be connected to the former’s diasend platform. The connected pens are expected to launch in early 2019, and will include Novo Nordisk’s NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus.

As part of today’s announcement Glooko also revealed a new compatibility feature for the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor. Users of the system can now upload their data to the diasend platform. 

This news coincides with Glooko’s Annual Diabetes Report, the data from which suggests Belgium has the lowest average blood glucose level and New Zealand has the highest. In terms of statistics about the company itself, Glooko reported that its product users had a 12 percent improvement in blood glucose within three months.

Why it matters

The new integrations are aimed at making it easier for users to share their diabetes data with a provider. 

“This is a big step in using data to improve diabetes management. Until now, data from insulin pens was self-reported and subject to error, or often simply not captured,” Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko, said in a statement. “Our partnership with Novo Nordisk enables this insulin data to be seamlessly synced to diasend, where patients and providers can easily see the data correlated with glucose levels, activity information and more. This allows much more informed conversations and decisions about the insulin regimen as well as other aspects of the treatment plan.” 

What's the trend 

In October Novo Nordisk announced the launch of NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus. At the time the company announced nonexclusive technology partnerships with Dexcom, Glooko and Roche. 

That same month the company struck a deal with Flex Digital Health to use the company’s BrightInsight platform, which focuses on managing connectivity and compliance for regulated digital health devices. 

On the record 

“Our partnership with Glooko is already helping healthcare professionals to better understand their patients’ diabetes management,” Søren Smed Østergaard, VP of digital health at Novo Nordisk, said in a statement. “By integrating our connected, durable insulin pens with the diasend Mobile App, we will soon help people manage their disease and access healthcare when they need it.” 


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