NuvoAir to launch its updated smart, wireless spirometer for home use

By Dave Muoio
03:08 pm

Stockholm, Sweden-based respiratory monitor maker NuvoAir (formerly Pond Healthcare Innovation) has unveiled the newest version of its home-use spirometer.

Dubbed the Air Next, the small and portable device is connected to users’ smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth LE. In contrast, the company’s previous offering, the Air Smart Spirometer, required a hard connection through a device’s audio jack.

The new device recently received a CE Mark as a Class IIa medical device, and is being launched this month at a price of about $209 (169 euros).

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"With Air Next, we wanted to design a state-of-the-art product that would sit well in the hands of patients at home,” Lorenzo Consoli, CEO of NuvoAir, said in a statement “In this device we have distilled two years of experience of working with patients to design a device that works easily for them. We wanted to make the collecting of data and the sharing of it as simple as possible. … We believe this will improve the management of many serious lung conditions for the patient, their families and their health care professionals too.”

Designed for those with respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis, the device simultaneously conducts forced vital capacity and forced expiratory volume tests. Results from these can be synced to either a smart device or a secured cloud server, allowing patients to share the data with with their care teams. According to a statement, the company also has plans to release a software development kit to support the creation of custom apps that access the data.

"NuvoAir has demystified spirometry by bringing it directly into the hands of patients and physicians across the world," he says. "Our technology empowers patients to take control of their health. It reduces the communication gap between their doctors and health care teams, so improving the quality of care.”

Under its previous moniker, NuvoAir raised $2.1 million (2 million euro) roughly a year ago during a seed funding round led by Swedish investment company Spiltan. Since then, the device maker has also announced a distribution partnership with Novartis Pharma AG and a rollout among doctors and physiotherapists at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

NuvoAir was founded in 2014 as a design firm, and pivoted into medical devices two years later after working with Novartis on its original smart spirometer.


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