Omada adds glucometer, blood pressure cuff to chronic disease management offerings

The company will augment its BYOD strategy with optional included sensors.
By Jonah Comstock
09:01 am

San Francisco-based digital chronic disease managment company Omada Health announced today that it will add fully integrated, cellular-connected glucometers and blood pressure cuffs to its offerings for Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, respectively.

The devices are FDA-cleared and can be mailed to program members. The glucometer will come with as many free test strips as users need, the company said.

Why it matters

Omada added programs for the two conditions last summer, but up until now it has taken a bring-your-own-device approach to glucometers and blood pressure cuffs (as opposed to its wireless scale, which is included in the welcome kit sent to all users). The BYOD option isn't going away, the company said, but it will now offer its own devices as an option.

"Our approach — at all levels of our program — is to provide a unique flexibility that matches the unique circumstances of our participants, while always following clinical best practices,” Omada VP of Medical Affairs Dr. Carolyn Bradner Jasik said in a statement. “Participants in the Omada program build deep relationships with their coaches; enabling automatic cellular uploading of glucose and blood pressure data will enable those coaches to provide guidance informed by a wide range of data and insights — helping support the best possible health outcomes.”

What's the trend

Companies like Omada — and Livongo, which is rumored to be going public soon — are increasingly finding their value is in casting a wide net, offering support for multiple chronic diseases that often overlap. This is why both companies recently made their way into the mental health space, for example, with Omada launching a program with Lantern and Livongo acquiring MyStrength.

While the two companies aren't exactly the same, the comparison is especially notable in light of today's news, since Livongo has offered its own glucometer and blood pressure cuff since it launched its diabetes and hypertension programs.

On the record

“At Omada, we follow clinical best practices while delivering excellent participant and customer experiences,” CEO Sean Duffy said in a statement. “Since Day 1, Omada’s program has put the needs of users at its center while driving value for our customers, and the U.S. healthcare system. Our device strategy maintains that focus, and we’re proud to be following the best clinical guidelines in doing so.”

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