OMsignal launches smart sports bra, announces $10M in new funding

By Heather Mack
01:54 pm

Anyone who wears a sports bra knows the invaluable support it provides. So, in addition to the physical benefits, why not make it be supportive in other ways?

That was thinking behind the OMbra, a smart sports bra from Montreal-based OMsignal, which makes smart clothing and companion apps. Now officially available online on the company’s website and in select retail stores across the US and Canada, the OMbra is the company’s first available product. ​The company has previously worked with other apparel companies –  their proprietary smart textile technology was used to power Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech collection of smart t-shirts that launched at the US Open.

The smart bra is embedded with sensors to capture biometric signals like heart rate and respiration, delivering actionable insights via the wearer’s mobile device on OMrun, the personalized running app. OMbra’s sensors also count steps and measure cadence, pacing and running rhythm. The OMrun app determines each runner’s intensity level to enable them to progress and maximize fat-burning results, while also helping to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

"OMbra came to fruition through years of research, development and experimentation with female runners of all levels," Stephane Marceau, CEO and Co-Founder of OM said in a statement. "From the hundreds of women who tested the bra, we tried to enable a very simple and mindful approach to running that strikes a balance between the will to progress and achieve specific fitness goals, and the simple, healthy pleasures of running."

As the flagship product of the company, the OMbra is the company’s first offering that pulls together their own technology and design in one place for consumers.

"Our focus was to create a beautiful sports bra to enhance a woman's body, respond to the unique strains of running, and accurately detect the body's core signals," Joanna Berzowska, head of electronic textiles at OM said in a statement. "Boasting specially engineered fabrics and advanced sensory technology, OMbra truly is a product of science and engineering that simultaneously features innovative and inspired design."

Earlier this summer, OMsignal closed on a $10 million ($13 million CAD) funding round, led by Relay Ventures, with additional funding from existing and new investors including MAS Holdings, Bessemer Venture Partners and Techstars Ventures.  The funding will be used to build a distribution network for OMbra and further the company’s work in smart textiles (the company is also working on a smart shirt for running that is yet to be released).


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