OncoPower uses blockchain, cryptocurrency to help users manage cancer

By Laura Lovett
03:59 pm

Correction: An earlier version of this story included an incorrect funding amount received by OncoPower. 

A new platform exclusively for cancer patients is now registering new users. Witty Healthy's newly launched platform, called OncoPower, uses blockchain technology to help patients keep track of their medical data across providers and offer users incentives. 

“Typically when a patient gets diagnosed with cancer [that patient] goes to different physicians and that never gets recorded,” Ram Sesha, cofounder and lead strategist at Witty Health, told MobiHealthnews. “What we are trying to do is capture the patient interaction with the physicians chronologically so nothing is left out. A patient with diagnosis in Boston who gets treated is able to show the same medical record in London.”

The idea is that patients will be able to keep their episodic EHR data in the blockchain and to add to it when necessary. Patients are able to share these data with providers, family members, or caregivers. Providers can also log their patient’s care plans, directives, and treatment chronologically. 

The platform also gives users communities. So for example, a patient can connect with a survivor who has ben through a similar experience as the user. 

“Once a patient gets cancer his life is changed for good. He needs emotional connections within the family and community,” Sesha said. 

Users can earn cryptocurrency incentives, called Onco, in what Sesha calls a health savings account-like wallet. The platform also enables smart-contracts between payers-providers, payers-patients, and payer-pharmaceuticals. Patients can get monetary rewards for adhering to their treatment regime, as well as through providing content and data, like symptoms. Further, providers can receive Onco by posting content, which is then reviewed and rated. The Oncos can then be used for services that have been voted on by the community. 

OncoPower also gives users access to Onco-Space, which is a platform where patients and caregivers can connect with patient advocates, dietitians, behavioral therapist, genetics, financial counselors. 

"Secure patient data sharing is a major concern and one of the toughest challenges facing oncologists when care collaboration is imperative to improving quality of life and outcomes for cancer patients. This is an open-source project and anybody can develop applications, contribute, and benefit by creating value," Dr. Karthik Koduru, chief oncologist, cofounder, and board member of Witty Health, said in a statement. 

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