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Online mail-order sexual health, smoking cessation company Ro lands $85M

This new funding round comes less than a year after Ro raised $88 million to fund its smoking cessation platform Zero.
By Laura Lovett
12:53 pm

Photo Credit/ Ro, press kit 

Ro — the company which made its mark with a men’s health platform focused on erectile dysfunction called Roman — has landed an additional $85 million in Series B financing, according to a source at TechCrunch

When MobiHealthNews reached out, the company declined to comment on this funding. 


Ro made a name for itself in the digital health world with its online platform that specializes in men’s health. The platform uses an asynchronous telehealth assessment that patients that patients fill out online with the help of a chatbot. A doctor then reviews the questions and will follow up if necessary. Should a medication be prescribed it will be shipped in “discrete” packages to the customer's home. 

But recently Ro has been expanding to new services. In September the company landed $88 million in funding to work on a new platform called Zero, which will focus on helping customers quit cigarette smoking. The platform will integrate a prescription, nicotine replacement therapy and a behavioral app. The company claims that it will increase a user's chances of quitting smoking by four times. 

Ro is also expanding into women’s health. In March it announced a new product line geared towards women experiencing menopause. Dubbed Rory, the platform will offer remote consultations for products treating hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep deprivation and other symptoms of menopause. 


While the company has been tight lipped about the funding, its efforts have been recently focused on its new smoking cessation and women's health platforms. 


In terms of the sexual health space Ro’s biggest competitor is Hims, another online mail-order health company that uses remote consultations to prescribe cosmetic and sexual health products. Both started out with a focus on men’s health, and erectile dysfunction in particular. 

However, the companies have diverged in their more recent products. Hims has also expanded into women’s health with its platform Hers, with a focus on medication prescriptions for generic birth control and the controversial sex drive treatment flibanserin. 

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