Optra Health launches Alexa-powered AI genomics platform

By Dave Muoio
03:41 pm

Optra Health, which produces AI-driven iPhronesis analysis platform for healthcare and life sciences clients, today announced the launch of a new genetics-focused product specially designed for consumers, genetic counselors, and other genomics researchers.

The OptraGURU platform combines the AI tech of iPhronesis with the language capabilities of Amazon’s Alexa. Users can speak directly to OptraGURU to navigate through extensive genomic datasets or receive personalized insights.

“The convergence of artificial intelligence, conversational technologies like Alexa, and an ever-increasing availability of data is having a transformative effect on how research and clinical results are delivered and communicated,” Optra Health cofounder and CEO Gauri Naik said in a statement. “The possibilities of using OptraGURU and AI platforms like iPhronesis in combination with extensive public and private data sets, will advance research and improve the consumer experience.”

At the consumer level, Optra’s platform looks to help users better understand genetic testing results ordered by a provider. By asking an Alexa device loaded with OptraGURU to access their report, consumers can listen to an understandable explanation of their genetic data and ask the system specific questions about their results.

Along with reducing consumers’ demand for interpretations from trained genetic counselors, the platform also offers these professionals some benefits as well. OptraGURU primarily acts as a research resource, but can also load multiple genetic tests for easy side-by-side comparisons. Further, the technology can also assist genetic researchers by navigating and analyzing variant call format (VCF) files through natural language voice prompts.

Optra Health is debuting OptraGURU this weekend at the HL7 Genomics Conference in Washington D.C. 

“We look forward to making OptraGURU accessible to genetic testing organizations that are interested in providing more value through a personalized, digital approach,” Naik said.


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