Outcome Health works with Harvard and more digital health deals

By Jeff Lagasse
09:42 am

Harvard Health Publications, which harnesses the expertise of more than 11,000 Harvard Medical School faculty clinicians to create patient health engagement materials, is collaborating with Outcome Health. The latter seeks to improve patient outcomes by providing health intelligence and information at the moment of care using technology. The partnership will bring Harvard Medical School’s insights to about 40,000 waiting and exam rooms nationwide through Outcome Health’s digital platform, with content including videos, illustrations and additional health information.

“We are excited about this relationship with Outcome Health, which aligns directly with HHP’s mission of improving the health of the nation,” said Dr. Gregory Curfman, editor-In-chief of Harvard Health Publications, in a statement. “We will now be able to create a greater positive impact by sharing Harvard Medical School’s faculty expertise with a broader audience through an engaging and informative experience at the time it matters most: the moments of care.”

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Patient financial engagement solution company HealthPay24 is teaming up with CardConnect, which specializes in payment processing technology. Through an integrating offering, the collaboration is expected to improve business efficiencies; HealthPay24 has enhanced its existing integrated platform with Bolt P2PE, CardConnect's solution for simplified payment device integrations. This combined offering provides secure payment acceptance and data breach protection for healthcare providers and their patients through PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption and tokenization, along with the ability to simplify efforts to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and reduce administrative time spent on Self-Assessment Questionnaires.

"Today's patient can enter the revenue stream at many different channel scenarios throughout their unique health service cycle," said David Millary, president of HealthPay24, in a statement. "With the integration of CardConnect into the HealthPay24 platform, providers can utilize omni-tokenization technology to enable payment tokens to transcend any single service channel and be unique across an entire health enterprise. This solves many payment challenges providers face when servicing omni-channel patients."

Predictive intelligence software guru Qventus is joining forces with Sutter Health, one of the largest hospital systems in the US, to try to expedite Sutter’s pharmacy operations and maybe save a little money while they’re at it. According to Consumer Reports, about 25 percent of Americans saw their prescription drug prices spike over the past 12 months, and while that’s partly due to new, costly drugs, it may also be in part because of a failure to pinpoint more affordable options. That’s where the partnership comes in: Qventus and Sutter will try to reduce costs for patients who otherwise may not know about cheaper alternatives.

mProve Health, a provider of mobile technologies for patient engagement and electronic clinical outcome assessments, and clinical payment automation company Greenphire, have entered into a partnership to provide patients with real-time access to ClinCard payment details through mProve's engagement app, mPal. mPal is a regulatory-compliant mobile solution for patients to receive study appointment and medication reminders, access their study visit schedule, documents, research site, and education materials, among other services such as the ability to request a lab courier pickup. Through the partnership, clinical trial participants who are receiving payments or reimbursements through ClinCard, can have real-time access to their balance and payment history directly through mPal.

"mPal has become a patient engagement solution of choice for 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies -- making real-time trial payment information available in the app is a natural product extension," said Jeff Lee, CEO of mProve Health, in a statement. "Since ClinCard is the most widely used patient payment solution, Greenphire is an ideal partner for us. We value Greenphire's long standing commitment to delivering a high-quality participant experience, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact our partnership will have on our customers."

WellCare of Connecticut, a subsidiary of WellCare Health Plans, is partnering with Iora Health to deliver relationship-based care to WellCare's Medicare Advantage members in Connecticut. One feature of the partnership will be access to Chirp, Iora's proprietary collaborative care platform, which is designed to support the physician-patient relationship by allowing patients to schedule appointments, access their records and communicate with their care team. "At WellCare, we are committed to continually improving the quality of care and service we provide to our members," said Andrew Clifton, WellCare's Medicare executive director of Connecticut, Maine and North Carolina, in a statement. "Our partnership with Iora is a key component to continue providing our members with a unique and personalized primary care experience."

Regeneris Medical, a Massachusetts-based anti-aging research center, is sponsoring a series of trials to measure the efficacy of regenerative cellular therapies on a wide range of indications, including musculoskeletal conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis. Hair loss, neurologic and autoimmune disorders, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and stroke recovery will also be targeted. To make things easier, Regeneris is using Clinical Research IO as its source data platform. Launched in 2016, the CRIO system allows investigators and site staff to collect data electronically, on a tablet. Real-time alerts guide the user through the process, ensuring better quality data upfront.

“We looked at the traditional model whereby a CRA is hired to visit sites to review their paper source and source data verify against EDC entry,” said Gabrielle Lewis, the trial’s project manager, in a statement. “However, the cost was prohibitive, and this model would have hampered our ability to provide the kind of real-time, hands-on oversight we wanted. With CRIO, I can log in remotely and see the source data. This allows us to perform QC on an ongoing basis, instead of every six weeks at a CRA visit.”

New York City startup Simplifeye has chosen Jamf Pro to help mitigate risks around the use of patient information on wearable technology; Jamf is a company dedicated to Apple device management. Simplifeye is a SaaS platform of applications that connect Apple technology to an organization’s electronic medical record. After syncing with the EMR, schedule and patient information moves between Simplifeye’s apps available on the Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. This functionality allows healthcare teams to see their patients’ medical records on any device -- a benefit that disconnects them from their computer and ostensibly allows for more streamlined and personal interactions with patients.

“In healthcare, there’s a big concern around data security,” said Zach Hungate, co-founder and CEO of Simplifeye, in a statement. “With Jamf, we are able to secure iPhones to offer the customer comfort that their patient data is secure.”


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