Pacifica Labs launches new physician-facing dashboard for its mental health app, secures early stage funding

By Heather Mack
06:00 am

San Francisco-based Pacifica Labs, maker of a mental health app, has released a physician-facing component to its consumer-focused self-help app. In addition to the launch of Pacifica for Clinicians, the company also added new capabilities to the consumer-facing app and announced an undisclosed amount of early stage funding in a round led by LEO Innovation Lab, HealthX Ventures and Personal Health Solutions Capital.

Since launching in 2014, Pacifica Labs reports 1.25 million registered users to its self-help app for anxiety. It starts out like many health-tracking apps: users log their daily habits like exercise, sleep or diet, then augment that with mood-tracking based on how they feel during the day. This functions as a diary to help users identify thought patterns and set daily goals for how they want to manage their mood, and the app also provides relaxation techniques like mindfulness meditations, breathing exercises and muscle relaxation to help in the event of anxiety. The app also features a social media community of users.

Now, Pacifica for Clinicians is available, enabling mental health care providers to access the dashboard tool and round out the patient’s experience.

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“As Pacifica continues to resonate with consumers, the missing piece has been the ability for clinicians to leverage data to provide better informed treatment,” Pacifica Labs CEO and cofounder Dale Beermann said in a statement. “These releases advance the state of measurement-based care in the industry, while continuing to innovate on self-care with our biggest app update yet.”

Clinicians who have a patient using the Pacifica app can use the dashboard to add metrics to their own practice. They can log into the dashboard to monitor their patient’s progress using the app, then offer feedback to help the patient feel more involved in their treatment. Future iterations will feature telehealth capabilities, the company said.

Pacifica Labs updated the app to include a new, guided educational program called Paths, which helps users manage their stress, anxiety and depression through techniques based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.

“The mental health care industry has a strong need for unique and engaging digital solutions that support individual needs,” PHS Capital Partner Steven Seuntjens said in a statement. “We are excited to be working with Pacifica Labs and see a bright future for the company.”


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