Patient engagement platform HealthLoop partners with health analytics platform Sherbit

By Laura Lovett
11:54 am

On Tuesday patient engagement platform, HealthLoop announced a partnership with health analytics platform, Sherbit. The partnership aims to combine HealthLoop’s automated care plans and check-ins with Sherbit’s patient activities and behaviors insights. 

“To be successful, it is critical to provide access to actionable data on a regular basis, not just what’s collected when someone goes to the doctor for a visit,” Todd Johnson, CEO of HealthLoop, said in a statement. “We are excited to provide solutions that move us closer to an accountable, value-based healthcare model. Increased access to actionable, patient-generated health data further supports our vision for personalized healthcare.”

HealthLoop was founded in 2009. It is focused on helping physicians stay connected to their patients through mobile and web-based surveys and reminders. It also gives patients pieces of timely information that are tailored to their particular conditions or treatment plans. Doctors get notifications when patients are trending towards undesirable outcomes or if they are not answering questions. 

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HealthLoop's newest partner Sherbit gives providers information about patients’ behaviors and lifestyles. It collects the data via sensors, apps and devices, and is HIPAA-compliant. 

The companies say that this partnership will allow clinicians to respond faster to their patients’ conditions and help providers avoid complications and increased costs. 

They also say the partnership will allow healthcare organizations the ability to follow up with patients through more than 150 care plans and get real-time feedback on their patients’ conditions. 

HealthLoop landed $8.4 million in new funding last May. Over the last few years it has been deployed at several hospitals including the Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente- Southern California. In July of 2016 it announced a partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. 

“Care teams are increasingly realizing that most of a patient’s outcomes are predicated on factors happening outside of the traditional care setting,” Alex Senemar, CEO of Sherbit, said in a statement. “In working with HealthLoop, we can bring increased visibility and guidance to care teams, while further engaging patients in their care.”


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