Pebble adds additional features to its health app

By Aditi Pai
04:10 pm

Pebble has launched a number of updates to its health app, called Pebble Health, which first launched in December 2015.

The company’s newly revamped Pebble Health app was developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University. The app tracks users’ activity and automatically detects their sleep phases. It sends data to Pebble’s user interface, called Timeline. 

The new Pebble Health features include auto detection of long walks and runs and smart alarms that aim to wake the user during their their lightest phase of sleep. The smartphone app offers more contextual information now as well. For example, users are now able to see how their last day, week, or month of activity compares to their typical performance.

Pebble has also improved the app’s on-wrist functionality. The watch app will send users daily sleep and step summaries as well as notifications based on how well they are performing.

Pebble has been doing some soul-searching of late. Last month, Pebble laid off 40 employees: 25 percent of its workforce. At the time, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky cited a decreasing availability of venture funding as the reason for the layoffs. Interestingly, Migicovsky said that his strategy going forward would involve a renewed focus on the health and fitness aspects of Pebble's wearables, which he says are what users are most interested in. 

In a blog post earlier that month, Pebble community manager Joseph Kristoffer shared that 90 percent of Pebble watch owners with access to the health app had activated it, and two-thirds were using it on a weekly basis.


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