Philadelphia's Dreamit Health announces 15 startups in its 2016 accelerator class

By Aditi Pai
02:43 pm

Philadelphia-based accelerator Dreamit Health has announced the 15 health startups that will join its next accelerator class.

As in previous years, the accelerator is sponsored by Penn Medicine and Independence Blue Cross, but this year, Dreamit Health also added medical device company Zimmer Biomet as a partner. The larger number of startups in Dreamit’s cohort this year is the result of a $325,000 Blackstone Innovation Grant that the accelerator received in February.

Earlier this year, Dreamit Health made a few changes to its accelerator. The accelerator announced that in its next class, it will offer the startups the option to keep their equity if they do not accept cash from the program. Dreamit Health said they added this option in order to get later stage companies and serial entrepreneurs to participate.

Dreamit Health used to take an 8 percent equity stake in its accelerator companies. In exchange, companies got $50,000 in seed funding with a possible $250,000 in follow-on funding, as well as other benefits: free workspace, mentorship, legal advice and counsel, and access to healthcare personnel at Penn Medicine and Independence. Moving forward, those startups who choose not to give up their equity will still get those other benefits.

Here's a rundown on the 15 startups:

Addicaid has developed apps for treating and preventing substance abuse and addiction.

Admetsys has developed an artificial pancreas device that measures, models, and treats patients at diabetic risk.

Cellepathy aims to help employees avoid distracted driving and other connected-car problems with an app that keeps them focused on the road.

CircleLinkHealth offers a mobile chronic care management and patient engagement system that aims to improve patient health and doctors' reimbursements.

DNAsimple is an online DNA bank that provides researchers with access to DNA samples from people from all over the world.

InquisitHealth offers people one-on-one mentoring with peers to help them improve their health outcomes for diabetes, pre-diabetes, asthma, HIV, and chronic kidney disease.

Keriton is developing an offering that automates pumped breast milk management systems at neonatal ICUs.

Kermit is a collaborative spend management platform for hospitals and their surgeons.

MedAware is developing an offering that eliminates prescription errors using large-scale medical data.

MedStack is a platform that allows organizations to create integrated, compliant healthcare apps.

Neofluidics is developing drug screening tools for pharmaceutical companies so that they can reduce their development costs.

Prevnos is developing Hybrid Fusion FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) assays to screen for cancer prior to onset of disease.

Somatix offers a preventative behavioral health data-analytics software platform for smoking cessation, using data integrated from wearables.

Suggestic is a personalized lifestyle and nutrition program for people with type 2 diabetes.

Wellth helps insurers and risk-bearing healthcare providers better understand their populations, improve customer health and retention.


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