Precision Health AI launches new platform to synthesize oncology data

By Laura Lovett
11:46 am

Artificial intelligence has been working its way into the field of research. Now Precision Health AI, a company that specializes in applications of AI to oncology, has just launched a new platform, called Eureka Health Oncology, that uses EMR data to provide practical AI applications for real oncology use cases. 

“Our team of healthcare professionals is using the deep clinical oncology dataset at our disposal to train innovative AI solutions for the management, delivery, and use of clinical data that integrates seamlessly into existing workflows,” Brigham Hyde, chief executive officer of Precision Health AI, said in a statement. “The Eureka Health Oncology AI platform will transform the clinical and drug development processes to include real-world data and speed of delivery to provide the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.”

The technology uses mass amounts of EMR data to give insight to pharmaceutical companies and physicians about certain conditions. The platform is designed to help researchers and clinicians design targeted therapies, shape clinical trials, and determine what therapies offer the greatest patient benefits. 

The app will use data it acquired from an agreement with ASCO and CancerLinQ as well as data partners in EMR and genomics. The company also uses data from academia and community treatment centers. 

In September, Precision Health AI announced that it had landed $20 million in Series A investments led by Symphony AI Group. The company was first founded in 2016 and caters to pharma and life science centers, as well as providers. 

“With growing pipelines of therapeutics, exciting breakthroughs like immunotherapy and CAR-T, there is an urgent need for a next generation of oncology-focused integrated information and data-driven decision-making tools for pharma, CROs, providers, and payers,” Hyde said in a statement in September. “Our world-class team of experienced healthcare professionals and top AI talent is focused on driving evidence-based decision-making through real-world applications of AI technology.”

This is not the only company using artificial intelligence to assist with cancer treatment and research. Recently Paige.AI, a healthcare technology company that applies artificial intelligence to pathology for cancer diagnosis and treatment, landed $25 million in funding. 

Precision Health AI plans to put the funding towards developing computational programs across diagnostic pathology. 


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