Primary care concierge platform SteadyMD lands $2.5M in funding

By Laura Lovett
04:08 pm

Primary care concierge platform SteadyMD just announced that it secured $2.5 million in capital support from Pelion Venture Partners and others.

The platform is designed to match patients with doctors that specialize in an area that meets their needs or interests. For example, if someone is an athlete specializing in weight lifting, the platform would match that patient to a doctor who has experience or skills related to lifting. 

“The SteadyMD mission is to make high-quality, high-attention concierge health care available and affordable to millions of Americans. A real relationship with a doctor who ‘gets you’ and is part of your life,” Guy Friedman, CEO SteadyMD, said in a statement. 

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The platform has eight categories of interest or expertise that people can chose from: running, triathlon, LGBTQ, diabetes, functional fitness, body building, strength training, and general health. 

After a patient enters their needs or interests they can look through a list of SteadyMD doctors. Each doctor’s profile includes a little bit more about their experience and their philosophy around serving patients. 

Once a patient choses a doctor they have a 60-minute appointment conducted through a two-way video chat. The initial appointment will focus on the patient’s medical history, family history, and questions or concern the patient has, according to the webpage. The doctor will work with the patient to develop a plan to monitor and mange their health, which may include using connected devices and apps. Staff at SteadMD will retrieve old EHRs if the patient gives them permission. 

After the patient goes through the initial set up and finds a doctor they will be able to text their SteadyMD doctor. Patients also have the ability to schedule phone calls or video chats with their doctor. 

A patient can chose to sync their wearable or connected devices to their doctor’s, so that they can view updates about patients' vitals, blood sugar, and weight. If patients need to see a specialist in their area, their SteadyMD doctor can help them find a local specialist and help set up an appointment. In addition to the clinical interactions, the platform also lets patients keep their EHR on their phone or desktop. 

According to the website, prices differ between the specializations but costs are between $79 and $99 per month for a year. The company is based in St. Louis Missouri, but can still service patients outside of their target markets.


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