RapidSOS, Carbyne integration will aggregate both companies' emergency response data

Each company has developed digital tools that quickly provide emergency responders with actionable data during a crisis.
By Dave Muoio
09:03 am

RapidSOS and Israel-based Carbyne, two companies focused on digitizing emergency response systems, announced this morning an integration that will further streamline the flow of actionable data to first responders.

Carbyne’s end-to-end platform incorporates source-agnostic digital data collection technology, algorithm-driven information prioritization and other tools to extract information about the caller’s situation and quickly present it to the dispatcher. RapidSOS has a similar offering that enables connected devices to transmit location, demographic data, medical information and more to a public 911 system and, subsequently, the responders.

This new partnership will allow Carbyne’s AI prioritization system to incorporate data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse into its analysis, which representatives from the companies said will allow responders to provide more impactful support.

What’s the impact

Both companies’ digitized emergency response services are already seeing some adoption — Carbyne’s c-Lite plugin for legacy 911 call handling systems was adopted by Fayette County, Georgia, and Ocean County, New Jersey last summer, while RapidSOS’s platform has been providing coverage for more than 180 million individuals as of late last year. This new integration will bring the data collected by each company into a single pool, which CEO and founder Amir Elichai said will allow his company’s software to provider better support than ever before.

“[Carbyne’s] approach has been very successful, with our clients seeing 65 percent reductions in average 911 call time without having to upgrade other systems or equipment,” Elichai said in a statement. “With RapidSOS now enriching our data even more, we expect to see even greater reductions. Our solutions present the best location possible for every call, and by adding in data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse as another option, we feel that our location capabilities and caller information will be second to none.”

What’s the trend

While RapidSOS may have the wider footprint, both companies have found investors willing to support their digital emergency response platforms within the past couple of years. Carbyne closed a $15 million in Series B last August, as well as $7.3 million Series A in September 2016. RapidSOS, on the other hand, pulled in $30 million last November, $16 million in August and $14 million in April 2017.

On the record

“We are thrilled to partner with Carbyne to ensure that public safety agencies have access to the most important data they need to handle any emergency,” Jeff Robertson, general manager of public safety at RapidSOS, said in a statement. “This partnership gives 9-1-1 telecommunicators access to life-saving information to improve emergency response times, and the emergency response itself.”


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