Report: 40 percent of US caregivers with smartphones use a care-related app

By Aditi Pai
02:03 pm

Although 76 percent of caregivers in US broadband households own a smartphone, just 40 percent of this group use an app to help them with caregiving tasks, according to a report from Parks Associates.

Parks explained that the low adoption of caregiving apps was in part because of the age distribution of caregivers. Some 27 percent of caregivers are aged 45 to 54 and just 16 percent of caregivers in this age group are also app users.

"Caregivers ages 18-24 are 28 percent of the caregiver population but account for half of the app users," Parks Associates Senior Director of Research Harry Wang said in a statement. "Caregivers who are in the 45-54 age bracket may not be as inclined to use apps as their younger counterparts. Companies need to encourage this consumer segment through app discovery and training that demonstrates the benefits of these solutions.”

Wang added that Parks expects rapid adoption as people who are more comfortable with apps become caregivers.

"Consumers in the 35-44 age range are a key bracket,” he said. “Those currently at this age will bring apps with them as they take on more caregiver responsibilities for their aging parents. At the same time, younger consumers will age into this segment, and these millennials will lean heavily on mobile and connected technologies as they prepare to tackle caregiver challenges in their families.”

A few years ago, in December 2014, Parks Associates released a report that found 41 percent of US caregivers in households with broadband internet use a digital health device. Eight percent use some kind of online tool to coordinate their efforts.


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