Rumor: Samsung to launch new fitness tracking smartwatch

By Aditi Pai
01:35 pm

Samsung may be launching a new fitness tracking smartwatch soon, according to Sammobile. Another source, Tizen Cafe revealed leaked images of the smartwatch on Twitter.

The device, which Samsung reportedly calls Triathalon internally, will track activity as well as heart rate. Sammobile also predicts that the device will use the bioprocessor that Samsung revealed at CES this year. Other rumored features include body fat measurement and a hydration monitoring.

While three of the images that Tizen Cafe published were of watches, a fourth was a picture of a digital brooch. The brooch could be another way to wear the watch or an entirely different device.

Samsung's new device will look similar to the company's existing smartwatch, Gear 2, which was was announced in September 2015. Gear S2 has a circular screen and a turnable bezel that's somewhat reminiscent of the Apple Watch's control scheme. It costs $299.

Earlier this month during CES, Samsung SDS President WP Hong discussed fitness tracking in his updates on Samsung’s Internet of Things endeavors.

“We have made [technology] even smaller, energy-efficient, and connected,” he said at the time. “These bring the smarts to every object in our lives. One example is the bioprocessor and the incredibly powerful all-in-one chipset for mobile healthcare. This bioprocessor looks after your heart by monitoring your ECG. It measures your respiration and keeps track of your bodyweight. It is our first step toward strong IoT growth in healthcare.”

Samsung also unveiled a smart belt at CES, called Welt, which is a combination of wellness and belt. The device, a creative prototype that may or may not be released to the public, tracks the user’s steps and waist size and warns them if they might be overeating.

Last year, in September, Samsung updated its S Health app, and added support for all Samsung smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S3. Samsung also extended support for some non-Samsung Android phones that have Android OS 4.4 or above.


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