RxWiki and TeleManager merge to form Digital Pharmacist

By Jonah Comstock
03:14 pm

Austin, Texas-based RxWiki, which offers a medication encyclopedia written and edited by pharmacists as well as tools to help community pharmacists to communicate with consumers, has merged with TeleManager Technologies, a Newark, New Jersey-based provider of interactive voice response (IVR) and telecommunication technologies for pharmacies. The two companies will operate under the new name Digital Pharmacist. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"We are pleased to merge our companies to form Digital Pharmacist, a new company that offers the very best digital adherence solutions and the most robust pharmacy communication solutions," Chris Loughlin, CEO of RxWiki who will also serve as CEO of the new company, said in a statement. "Our offices in Austin and Newark are brimming with talented people who care about independent pharmacies and patients. Through our merger, we are able to bring even more robust products and services that help patients and ultimately help our clients compete."

The cofounders of TeleManager, Val Gurovich and Paul Kobylevsky, will serve as chief architect of the new company and president of the company's communications division, respectively.

By combining their assets, the companies are able to offer a wider variety of services to indepedent pharmacies, including IVR and digital channels for communicating with patients and mobile apps.

"We are delighted to combine our efforts with the team from RxWiki," Gurovich said in a statement. "With their strong focus on digital patient adherence solutions and our deep experience in delivering high quality, highly secure communication systems for patients and pharmacy, we believe we can offer our clients a more comprehensive solution."

Digital Pharmacist's mobile app offering is branded for the pharmacy client but includes a standard staple of features designed to compete with large national chains. These include automatic prescription refills, refill reminders, medication reminders, access to health news and content, and coupons.

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