Seniorlink gets $7.5M to build out digital caregiver support platform

By Heather Mack
12:55 pm

Boston-based Seniorlink, which provides in-home caregiver services, has raised $7.5 million from NewSpring Health Capital (the firm’s dedicated healthcare fund). The funding will be used to build out Seniorlink’s web and mobile-based coaching and collaboration platform, Vela.

Vela is Seniorlink’s more comprehensive foray into digital health territory. The company, which was founded in 2000, works to support family caregivers through their Caregiver Homes service. This group of professionals includes nurses, social workers and behavioral health specialists, who work with caregivers to navigate the healthcare system and maintain close communication through phone or electronic methods.

“This model is deeply aligned with our investment thesis of using technology to provide efficient solutions that help drive down healthcare costs and offer an alternative to the traditional delivery of healthcare,” NewSpring General Partner Brian G. Murphy (and newly appointed Seniorlink board member) said in a statement. “Seniorlink’s transformative service model and technology will link managed care providers and unpaid family caregivers to further deputize family members in the care of individuals with complex diseases.”

With Vela, Seniorlink will take that support to a technology platform that will give caregivers access to a wide network of resources and information, plus enable collaboration with care teams and healthcare professionals. Caregivers can use the app to look up relevant articles, videos and podcasts; access local services for errands, transportation, and medical equipment; look up information about medications and medical conditions; and use the secure messaging capabilities of Vela to have coaching support. The platform is currently in closed beta testing.

“We remain committed to the caregiver, the most important member of the care team, and look forward to furthering the innovation necessary to provide these family members with consistent support and resources,” Seniorlink CEO Tom Riley said in a statement.


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