Sense Health, Voxiva merge to form Wellpass, an integrated messaging and patient engagement platform

By Heather Mack
04:00 pm

Healthcare communications software companies Sense Health and Voxiva have merged to form Wellpass, a messaging platform to connect payers, providers and the patients they serve. By joining forces, the two companies are blending sizable customer bases and an experience working with the complex organization structures of Medicaid programs. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Wellpass is an integrated messaging and patient engagement platform that allows health plans and providers to send text and secure messages to individuals or entire groups, enabling organizations to create condition-specific programs, enroll members in existing programs and also mitigate gaps in care with appointment reminders and eligibility determination.

The new venture launches with a solid portfolio of customers and established programs. To date, Sense Health and Voxiva have together impacted over 3 million people, and the merger enters the market with an existing client base of more than 30 health provider organizations, over 70 state Medicaid health plans.

“Wellpass represents a new approach to health engagement and support,” Voxiva CEO and cofounder Paul Meyer, who will now serve as CEO to Wellpass, said in a statement. “As an integrated platform, Wellpass helps overcome the challenges of deploying fragmented engagement and population health solutions. By unifying health messaging and digital health programs on a single platform, Wellpass delivers better results for health plans and providers and a much better experience for members and patients.”

Founded in 2001, Voxiva worked with many large payers and organizations, and developed several programs for Medicaid benefit plan members that have proven popular, such as Text4baby, an educational text and video program for new mothers, and Care4life, which is aimed at people with diabetes. Most recently, with UnitedHealthcare, Voxiva launched Txt4health and Text4kids. In July 2013, Voxiva partnered with Medicare and Medicaid insurance provider Amerigroup. By April 2014 the companies announced that 100,000 members had enrolled in its program. Through Amerigroup, Voxivia’s Txt4health program was offered to Medicaid plan members in 11 states. Another Voxiva program, called Text2Quit, which is a smoking cessation platform enrolled 75,000 users as of October 2013. The platform now has users in every US state.

Sense Health launched in 2012 and has built a considerable client base in the New York City region. The company focuses on Medicaid care managers, and just over a year ago announced a deal with nonprofit Coordinated Behavioral Care’s Health Home, which oversees more than 50 Medicaid care management agencies in New York City. At the time of the merger, Sense Health counted more than 34 health systems and community-based organizations as customers.

“For the last five years, we have been focused on helping health care providers engage and support their patients more effectively” Stan Berkow, Sense Health co-founder and CEO, who will serve as EVP of product at Wellpass, said in a statement. “The Sense Health platform serves as the foundation of the Wellpass messaging and engagement platform that will be supporting millions of members over the coming months. Joining forces with Voxiva to launch Wellpass allows us to deploy these services at massive scale across the Medicaid market.”
With Wellpass, customers will have access to all programs like Text4baby, Care4life, Text2Quit and more: the platform will offer more than 20 evidenced-based programs covering adult and pediatric preventive health.

“Since celebrating the launch of Text4baby as a public-private partnership during my tenure in government, I've seen first-hand how Voxiva has delivered on the promise of digital health innovation to the Medicaid market," Aneesh Chopra, former US Chief Technology Officer and President of NavHealth said in a statement. “Wellpass represents the next chapter in digital health engagement and holds the potential to transform how payers and providers collaborate to support the patients who need it most.”


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