Seven digital health launches and announcements at TechCrunch Disrupt

By Heather Mack

At TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, startups and established tech companies alike gathered to showcase new ideas and products as well as announce the launch of new gadgets. While healthcare had a smaller presence at the conference than some of the other industries, a handful of digital health innovators were on deck to share their ideas to impact medical care, fitness and wellbeing. 

Here is a roundup of seven digital health companies that made significant announcements at TechCrunch Disrupt:

Styr Labs, which makes a suite of connected devices including a fitness tracker and scale that work to create a customized nutrition plan through a companion app, debuted its latest product – a smart water bottle, which the company will release in the coming weeks. Styr also officially started shipping pre-orders of its connected ecosystem, which has been in beta testing for the past three years. The gadgets aren’t really the main point though – the platform works by converting fitness data into actual nutrition advice and personalized supplements, and the company makes its own brand of vitamins, minerals and protein powders that consumers order on a subscription basis.

MedRepublic launched its virtual medical tourism platform to connect patients in the US and Canada with English-speaking doctors overseas. So far, they have connected 50 patients during their pilot program with doctors in Mexico, Central America and the Cayman Islands, and have plans to expand to Thailand The goal is to shorten wait times for patients fed up with the Canadian system and reduce costs and increase access for patients in the US, plus allow patients to undergo procedures that may not have FDA clearance in states.

Carbon Health announced the launch of its app and opening of its pilot private practice clinic in San Francisco, which seeks to build a network of doctors and patients leveraging asophisticated electronic platform for all healthcare related communications and tasks. More

India-based wearable and AI firm Boltt announced its product portfolio: a smart shoe embedded with a sensor to track the user’s biomechanical data, a wristworn activity tracker and a companion app. The company has partnered with Garmin and plans to partner with enterprises to offer corporate wellness platforms, group fitness monitoring and analysis for sports teams.

Sync Think demonstrated its portable cognitive assessment device, EyeSync, a VR headset that uses eye-tracking technology to screen for head injuries. The idea is to hand the headset off to someone who may be injured on a sports field (or anywhere else), read the metrics on the companion app, and establish whether a concussion has occurred.  

Belun Technologies launched the beta test of its sleep-tracking ring, which will offer medical-grade monitoring to help those with sleeping disorders and respiratory-related illnesses. The ring monitors heart rate, movement and blood oxygen saturation. The company is seeking FDA clearance for the ring, which works with a companion app available on iOS and Android.

Wellness device startup Moti launced the Kickstarter fund for its “physically present smart companion” a small, dome-shaped device that acts as an environmental cue for the user to engage with the companion app. The user sets up their profile in the app, entering a habit, frequency or scheduled time to perform a certain activity-from drinking a glass of water to practicing yoga to taking piano lessons. The Moti device sends notifications to the app and lights up, prompting the user to engage in the activities through a combination of lights, haptics, human-like intonations and other sounds. The Kickstarter goal is $50,000 and will run for 35 days.  Air Precision 2017

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Above photo: A doctor in SPHCC using the Intelligent Evaluation System of Chest CT for COVID-19 for accurate diagnosis. Credit: Business Wire